35 Years Now - Serving In Tourism Industry

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Universal Travels is proud to participate as an Exhibitor in the Travel & Adventure Show on January 27-28, 2024, held at Jacob Javits Convention Centre in New York to promote Pakistan tourism in collaboration with PTDC and TDAP.

Universal Travels

Universal Travels, established in Lahore, Pakistan, in 1987, has earned a stellar global reputation in the tourism industry. Comprising a dedicated workforce, we specialize in both Corporate Travel Management and individual Travel Arrangements, offering unique and personalized services to each customer. Our extensive experience underscores our firm commitment to delivering the finest holiday tour packages worldwide, featuring exceptional airfares, tailor-made itineraries, incentive travel, conference booking, family vacations, air and road packages. Our multilingual team of travel consultants and certified driver guides ensures safe, treasurable, thrilling, and memorable tours. We are dedicated to providing all clients with professional, personal, and cost-effective travel services, including Corporate Travel Management, Incentive Groups, Conference Facilities, Business Tourism, Air Ticketing, Private Air Charter Reservation, Tourism Services (Adventure, Hiking, Cultural, and Religious Tours), Religious Tourism (specializing in Sikh and Buddhist Pilgrimage), Exhibitions, and Health Tourism.

From the desk of the CEO:

Having immersed myself in the world of tourism from a young age, my passion for travel and

exploration was ignited early on. With its diverse landscapes and enchanting destinations, Pakistan

became my primary canvas. Each expedition unveiled a new facet of this breathtaking

country, consistently surprising me with its vastness and beauty.

My mission has been multifaceted:
Supporting the allure of domestic tourism, encouraging Pakistanis worldwide to rediscover their homeland’s splendours.

Welcoming global travellers to experience the unmatched charm of Pakistan, fostering

lasting connections through our “Adventure Pakistan” experiences.

Inspiring our youth to embark on educational journeys abroad, broadening their horizons

and nurturing adaptability and confidence.

Promoting cultural exchange through tourism, fostering mutual understanding and

dismantling prejudices in an increasingly connected world.

Despite the challenges facing the global tourism industry, its resilience is evident. With a growing

emphasis on sustainable tourism, we’re forging pathways that benefit both visitors and our

precious environment.

I envision a brighter future for tourism in Pakistan—a future where it serves as a bridge between

cultures, fostering understanding and mutual respect.

I am steadfast in enhancing the spiritual journeys of the Buddhist and Sikh communities


I’ve had the privilege to pen a book on Pakistan’s remarkable Buddhist heritage. My next task is

to document the Sikh heritage in Pakistan and shed light on the ancient history of the

Indo-Pakistan Subcontinent for our new generation.

Together, let’s embark on the transformative journey of exploration and discovery. Join me in

celebrating the spirit of TRAVELLING.

Chaudhary Anees Iqbal