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Naran to Kashmir Trek


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Naran to Kashmir Trek: 


Route: Besal-Saral-Surgan-Sharda 


Embark on an unforgettable journey through Pakistan with Universal Travels Holidays & Event Planners. Here are the flight details and a brief itinerary for your trip:

Departure from Islamabad; drive to Naran.

Transport to Lulusar Lake. Commence trek from Besal to Dudipatsar. Overnight camping at Mulla ki basti.

Begin an early trek to Dudipatsar Lake. Navigate the challenging Saral Pass, adorned with glaciers and snow. Assistance from a local guide will assist in the ascent. Descend to Saral Lake campsite.

Trek at dawn towards Surgan Pass/Jabba Galli Pass. By midday, traverse the steep pass and enter the Surgan Valley, AJK. Proceed to Jalkhad-Sharda Road by evening. Opt for a jeep ride for a 2–3-hour journey to Sharda. Overnight accommodation in Sharda.

Return journey from Sharda to Muzaffarabad overnight at Muzaffarabad.

Return journey from Muzaffarabad to Islamabad, overnight at Islamabad.

Prepare for an extraordinary adventure as you explore the beauty and culture of Pakistan with Universal Travels Holidays & Event Planners.